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The summer flowers are in full bloom now, and for that, I am grateful. The perennial bed near my front door tends to look a little–um, how shall I put this?–scruffy–until July when the rudbeckia and coneflowers come in. The bed looks nice and summery now and a few other mid-summer blooms have checked in as well.

In the front, good old Grandpa Otts morning glories (above) are running wild and starting to bloom. I know many gardeners hate Grandpa because he reseeds so freely. I’ve always liked morning glories, and don’t mind pulling a few–maybe a few hundred–out. In the past, I’ve pretty much let Grandpa and his ilk take over one bed, but have vowed this year to restrict the morning glories to a few areas fitted with climbing structures. This one is climbing a metal obelisk-type piece of garden art. Another summer flower that is making an appearance is bee balm (Monarda). I believe this one is ‘Marshall’s Delight’.

In back, the Nepeta ‘Walker’s Low’ has collapsed. This Perennial Plant of the Year grows so prolifically it keels over the minute its blooms are up. What I love about ‘Walker’s Low’ is that you can cut it way back and it will re-bloom. Sometime next week, I’ll cut all the blooming stems back to a couple of inches. Another batch of foliage is growing inside the plant, which may flower in late August or September.


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