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IMG_5467I’ve gotten a few inquiries from the neighbors lately about what might be wrong with my cherry tree, since it’s covered up with a strange wrapping that looks like a cross between a bonnet and a shroud. Nothing’s wrong — I’m just protecting the tree from the many roving birds in our yard. This is my third year with this ‘Bali’ cherry tree, a northern-hardy, sour cherry that was developed in Canada where it is called the Evans cherry, and for the first time, I’ve got enough cherries to harvest. The past couple of years, I left the tree uncovered and the birds cleaned me out just as the cherries got ripe.

The day I put the covering over the tree — which is my own combo of netting and garden cloth held in place with bicycle bungee cords — the birds squawked like crazy. I would guess it will be another week or two before the cherries are ripe and I get out my pie-making equipment. I can hardly wait.


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